Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My team and I  have over 5 years of professional academic consulting experience. We have completed literally thousands of online university-level courses, proctored  exams, tests & quizzes,  homework assignments, essays & research papers, and Excel projects for other college students in a wide range of subjects with A or B scores, My team consists of engineers, writers, mathematicians, accountants, and graduates in finance, economics, medical school, nursing, and nutrition. My experts have completed BS/BAs, Masters, and Ph.D. degrees from various universities in the USA.

If you receive a C-, C, or C+ on an exam, homework assignment, essay, or online class,  I can offer a 50% refund  or a credit of 50% of the original rate which can be used for future assignments. I cam refund 100% of your money if my team gets you a D-, D, D+ or an F.

You can expect to receive any of the following grades (or marks): A+, A, A-, B+, B. or B-. I can  agree to refund 50% of your money if I get you a  C-, C, or C+  grade, and agree to a 100% refund if I get you a D-, D, D+, or F. 

No, but I strongly recommend that you do. It will help better prepare my team for the exams and assignments, and increase our chances of getting better scores. We will ask you to share the credentials depending on the nature of the task. We certainly need access to the school portal if you would like to complete the entire course.

All information provided will be held in the strictest level of confidence regardless of whether or not you choose to hire me and my team. 

You can make payments via Venmo, Zelle, Cash App, PayPal, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards.

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee very high scores or marks. You may receive 95% or higher, but we can not promise that. You can expect to receive a grade / mark anywhere from a B- to an A+.

Yes, you can. My team consists of engineers, mathematicians, graduates from medical school, nursing, nutrition, and students currently working on Masters and Ph.D. in physics, chemistry, and biology. I pick “the best fit” or the most knowledgeable person in my team that is comfortable taking the exam. Each academic expert specializes in their subject and possesses excellent skills and knowledge under their belt. As of today, I have over 20¬† experienced academic experts on the team. Please feel free to check my exam screenshot photo gallery¬†containing scores my team has obtained for over 1000 exams since 2020.
Yes, it is unfortunate that most services that help with academic work are poor in quality, sketchy AF, or even actual scams and have no intentions of doing your assignments for you but to take your money. Every semester, we hear such stories from our clients about their past experiences getting burned out by such services. These services typically do not accept phone calls, use poor grammar in texting, promise 100% marks, do not admit mistakes, lack structure, plagiarize papers, do not show at the time of the exam, do not refund, and in general have no regard for being fair and honest service. I only hire academic experts who have proven to be exceptionally knowledgeable in the subject and have genuine experience completing exams and online courses for other students. We are not perfect by any means, and frankly, nobody is. However, my team and I strive for quality and consistency, customer service, and client satisfaction. 
Please check out our exam score screenshot portfolio that I  frequently update every semester.

I have an active YouTube channel where I have uploaded unedited videos of me completing online exams and homework assignments  for other students live in real time clearly showing my process for completing hw & exam questions. I display all my main social media links at: AllMyLinks.com/LeoClassHelp. 

No, you don’t need to worry about that. Schools can only detect the presence and suspicious activity with proctoring software such as ProctorU, Proctorio, Lockdown Browser, Honorlock, etc. Without these, your school or instructor will find out. The good news, we know how to bypass most of these sophisticated applications.

Yes. You can choose to pay anonymously via credit card or debit card using an online invoice.  In this case, there will be no name or any information attached to your transactions. 

When you submitted the form, you should have received a response e-mail. Please open this e-mail. You will see an option on the very top to EDIT the submission.  You may edit your submission as many times as you need. We will automatically receive an e-mail with an updated version.
For exams/tests & quizzes: 
A quote is getting split into two installments: 
a) the deposit (before completion), usually under 50% of the quote 
b) the remainder (after completion) 
Total: deposit + remainder = quote
Please make sure to deposit before. Without the deposit, we can not guarantee our availability or time if someone else reserves.
You can pay the remaining balance right after receiving the help. 
For assignments, projects, papers: 
A quote is getting split into two installments (in most cases). If the task requires a lot of time to complete and exceeds $300, we might propose three or more installments.
a) the deposit (before we start the work)
b) the middle payment Рwith proof of work after receiving 50% or more of the completed assignment 
c) the remainder or remaining balance (after completion)
For online courses and package deals (a set of multiple assignments and tests):
Online course quotes that exceed $500 are getting split into weekly or biweekly installments to make them easier to manage. 
For example: 

A 16-week course quote is usually getting split into 16 weekly installments.
A 12-week course quote would be equivalent to 12 weekly installments and so on. 
Essentially, you pay gradually throughout the semester as we complete the course. There is also an initial deposit that we ask to make before we start doing course work.

We recommend making a deposit as soon as possible to reserve your spot. Please note/comment on each transaction in the payment app you are using.

My payment policy is that the student pays the remaining balance as soon as the exam is complete. If the grade / mark is below a B-, then you would need to  inform me of the grade /mark and provide a screenshot of the score, and provide verifiable proof that the screenshot you provide me  is from the specific exam that my team helped you with. Once that info is submitted and verified, I can provide a 50-100% refund.

That is subjective. I believe my rates are quite fair. Doing someone’s exam or a paper is not something you can anyone ask freely, especially on the internet. It is against the school rules, and such help should be well compensated. Services that are reliable and deliver quality work are difficult to find and are very high in demand.¬†It takes many hours to become proficient in the subject. We know that time is the most scarce asset. Considering the value I’d be providing you, I believe my rates are more than fair,

Yes, I do offer promotions for returning clients every semester. Also, you may receive better rates if you opt for full courses and to pay the full rate upfront.

I suggest uploading all files on Google Drive and copying/pasting links in the form. You can upload as much as you want and update the content of the folder at any time. You can upload video lectures, lecture notes, homework, past exams, etc. This is the best method of sharing files.

I guarantee your safety. I secure and hide the actual location using a VPN service. If you are concerned about the area and a different device used, my team and I can change our IP address to any city closest to your location. Using a VPN for school work is safe. VPN encrypts and secures the connection. There is no chance your school or instructor will find out anything strange or suspicious in the history of your account. We have been using VPN for years and have completed countless exams successfully from many states and even different countries 

Yes. When you submitted the form, you should have received a response e-mail.  Please open this e-mail. You will see an option on the very top to EDIT the submission.  You may edit your submission as many times as you need. Once resubmitted, I will see an updated version.
Tests | Exams | Quizzes:
My rates usually  range from $150 Р$295 USD (or $185 Р$355 CAD) per exam and $60 Р$180 USD per quiz depending on the length, number of questions, and other conditions. 
Entire Courses:
My rates usually range from $600 Р$2450 USD (or $740 Р$3010 CAD) for the entire course depending on the length, amount of assignments, and other requirements. 
My rates usually range from $60 Р$420 USD (or $75 Р$530 CAD) per assignment depending on the length, deadline, and other requirements. 
Please fill out my “Get a Free Quote” form to get a specific rate for your task.¬†
Many variables determine the price of the task:
  • My availability and number of experts that can do this subject
  • Risk (proctored exams will generally cost more)
  • Course subject and topics (anything related to the human body will cost more)
  • Length and duration of the assignment, exam, or the course
  • Time you of request (those that schedule in advance will receive better rates)¬†

Yes! I need a form filled out for each individual task, whether a test, project or a simple homework assignment. Each form is being reviewed and quoted. If you are interested in completing a course or a set of multiple assignments or chapters/modules (minimum of 5 assignments), then you can fill out the “Online Class Help Request Form.” In this case, you will receive one quote. Think of it as getting a package deal for all the assignments you mentioned in the form.

I use forms to collect all necessary information about each task. This is done in order to organize everything into one place and have all information available when needed. This also saves me a lot of time. Please, do not treat these forms as surveys. My team and I use forms as guidance to study for each of your assignments. Thus, make sure you set the correct dates and times and include as many notes and details as possible.

We use remote access and remote control software applications to bypass most proctored exams. Please refer to this table and see which applications can be bypassed.
Windows (Windows 10 and later)
Mac (macOS Big Sur and later)
LockDown Respondus


Yes, I will be using one of the following applications to solve your exam remotely. I will select one depending on the circumstances. 
I use RemotePC, RealVNC, TeamViewer, Chrome Remote Desktop, and AnyDesk. 

I don’t accept tasks or tests/exams that we find risky. If I agree to help you, I am certain to complete the task successfully. If you are not satisfied with my service because of the unexpectedly low grade/mark you received on your exam or paper, you can request a partial or full refund.

Yes, you can still get your deposit back if you cancel within 6 hours of submitting your request. If you request to cancel 12 hours after submitting your request form, you may receive 50% back. Last-minute requests (the same-day exams/tests) would be the exception to this rule. 
We usually do not return the deposit if:
  • you decided to cancel on the day of your exam
  • you contacted for help on the day of your exam (last-minute calls)

Yes, we can. However, it may cost nearly as much as completing the entire exam. It takes time and energy to prepare, and thus in most cases, it is not profitable to charge for selected problems.

I use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to protect my clients. When you’re browsing through a VPN, your traffic is encrypted. No one can see what you do online, nor interfere in any way. There is no chance your school or professor will see anything strange or suspicious on your account. My team and I have been using a VPN for over 5 years and have completed countless exams successfully from many U.S. states and cities in Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

My team and I use paid subscriptions of Express VPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark. All of these VPNs provide a high-quality service.

You don’t need to transfer money directly to PayPal to use it. You can link most debit/credit cards or banks to your PayPal account and use it as a medium to make payments.

Unfortunately, I don’t accept any of these payment methods. I only accept payments made through PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Cash App, Credit Card, and Debit Card.

I use only the required sources provided by your instructor in the course. If the assignment (paper, project, exam) is open source, I will opt for the sources from your online school library (if there is). Otherwise, I will rely on reputable sources from the internet. 

We are humans and we all make mistakes. Nobody can guarantee perfect grades and marks at all times. Taking someone else’s exam and not being an actual student in the class always inherits some risk.
My team and I have over 5 years of experience completing online university-level classes, proctored exams, tests & quizzes, homework assignments, essays, and Excel projects for other students in a wide range of subjects. And we manage to get A’s & B’s at least 95% of the time. That means we underperform 5% of the time, and we can compensate these clients with credits, better rates, or refunds.